Thursday, August 19, 2010

My History With Dogs

I have talked a lot about Lola here (obviously, the blog is about her), but I thought maybe I should talk a little about my history with dogs.  She here it goes. 

I have always been around dogs.  At least that is what I have come to believe, since there is a picture of my mom introducing me as an infant to Charlie, my parents dog.  (I think it was probably pretty hard to fabricate photos like that back then.)  Charlie was a corgi - terrier mix.  I love the Charlie stories.  There is one story of Charlie going missing for a week or two and my parents thought he was dead.  Then the next day there he was sitting on the door step waiting to be let in.  I always joke that there are little Charlies running around, since that was before the big push for spay and neutering came around. 

Next came Aspen.  Aspen was a Golden Retriever.  I remember him being the sweetest dog.  He would let me lay on him and climb all over him. Sadly, Aspen had an enlarged heart and had to be put to down when was 7 or 8.

Next came the Standard Poodle, Amadeus.  Yes, he was names Amadeus, after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  It was thought that he needed a sophisticated name given that he was a sophisticated breed.    Amadeus was a very well behaved dog.  And he is the dog I really remember growing up.  He was with me through elementary, junior high and high school.  And he was still around when I went to college.  At that point he was starting to get old and cranky.  Which I cannot blame him.  He lived to be 16 (112 in dog years assuming the conversion is still 7 years). I would be cranky too.

And then came Otis.  My dad got Otis while I was in college.  I but I still count him as partially mine.  I went to the shelter and helped pick him out.  Otis is a great dog.  There are plenty of stories about Otis.  Come back tomorrow for more about Otis (and Lola).


  1. You be a good DogMa ;)

    Sendin you slobbery kisses,

  2. You sound like a good mom. Like the name Amadeus..
    Benny & Lily

  3. I will always remeber the dogs from my childhood, they are in fact the ones who made me a dog lover. It was great to hear of dogs from your past and I look forward to reading more:)