Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing Otis

I mentioned yesterday that my dad got Otis from a shelter.  He was about a year old when my dad got him.  When we picked him out to go for a walk with us he was beyond excited and could not wait to meet new people and get some fresh air.  I would feel the same way if I were locked in a cage.

My dad decided he was the one.  Once he got home he had his own fair share of destruction.  Not to the same extend as Lola, be he did chew up his fair share of things, including shoes, books, stuffed animals (one was hand made by my grandma, dad was not happy about that) and even a book case.  I don't know why he would chew up a book case, you would think there would be splinters.  He did grow out of his destruction stage when he was about 3. 

One of Otis' favorite things to do is chase tennis balls.  He loves it.  And just recently we discovered he loves keep away.  Two people will throw the ball back and forth and Otis will run between the two people.  Kind of strange but he loves.  He is also a great squirrel patrol dog.  He will sit in the back yard and watch the trees and fences. and when one starts coming, he is off to make sure the cannot enter. When Lola comes around they are no match for the squirrels.

Otis checking a tree for a squirrel 

Lola loves rough housing and Otis is not all about that.  He will do that for about 3 minutes and he is done.  Otis would much rather be relaxing or pet.  And trust me if you are there and not petting him, he will be more than willing to allow it.

Otis is a mix of some kind but we are not sure of what.  Our thoughts are maybe part Portuguese water dog, or maybe labordoodle.   We really don't know.  What are your thoughts?


  1. In the picture where he has a ball in his mouth he looks like a curly coated newf! He looks so big a fluffy in that picture.
    Whatever he is mixed with, he is very cute.
    Maybe some schnauzer?

  2. He looks like our Stella...who we think is a Schnoodle. Although Stella seems a little smaller?