Friday, August 6, 2010

The Circus Dog

I have seen a variety of blogs about dogs.  I love the ones that follow the lives of the owners and their dogs.  So, that is exactly what this will be. 

I have an American Bull dog, Lola.  She is sometimes, affectionately,  called "Carzy", "Baby Girl", "Girly" and best of all "Lola, the circus dog".  No, she did not come from a circus, has never been in the circus, and never been to the circus.  She is at times called "Lola, the circus dog" because of her crazy exuberant personality.  She is 3 and a half and still has some of that puppy personality.  But I love her personality and character.  She is lover all the way.  Loves to cuddle and say hi to anybody and everybody.  And thinks everybody wants to say hi and play with her.

I think for most people who are dog parents, their dogs become a special part of their heart.  I know most people love labs, golden retrievers, pugs, etc., but I hope I can help show you that bully breads, can be just as special and loving.  I am a strong believer, that it is the person that shapes the dog, not the bread.   

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