Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lola on the Furinture

Since this week has been about furniture and think it is only appropriate to show pictures of Lola on the furniture.  Now, I know she is a dog and should not really be on the furniture.  And that is my fault.  When she was a puppy, she was just so cute and I just wanted to cuddle with her and she wanted to cuddle with me.  And that is how it all began.  She still loves getting on the couch with me and cuddling or just sleeping with a blanket or pillow on the couch. I think she likes be able to just streach out.

She also will sit on this chair sometime when the sun is shinning on it.  It is her indoor sun chair.

She also has her own love seat in the office where she can sit and stare outside at the squirrels, birds, stray cats and whatever else comes along.  (Yes, she has her own love seat.  Yes, I know she is a dog and some people think it is ridiculous.  It is an old couch that was not being used.  If gets chewed up nothing is lost, except for her place to lay.)  It is on the west side of the house, so she gets some more sunbathing in the afternoon.  I have come home many days from work and found her sleeping on her love seat.  And oddly enough, she has not damaged this couch in anyway.

She is also very content laying on the bed in the master bedroom.  Every once in awhile, she will disappear and I will find her chilling on the bed.

And lastly her she is standing on a coffee table.  Now, this is not a normal occurrence.  In fact, I have only seen her do this on a couple of occasions.  I think she was actually look for a tennis ball that either disappeared on or under the couch.  But I had to include this picture.  I think it is hilarious.

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