Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Cone of Shame

I know we have been MIA again.  I will do a separate post about that.  But I need the power of the paw now, and I know all of you will send positive thoughts our way.

I noticed about a week ago that Lola had a small bump on her chin.  I looked at it and touched it and it did not seem to bother Lola, so I figured I would just keep and eye on it to see if changed at all.  Over the week it seemed to get bigger, but still did not bother her.  Then one day I gave Lola special bone (Lola gets some special treats since her human baby sister came along and does not get as much special attention).  After about 10 minutes with bone there was blood on it.  I took the bone from her and noticed that the bump was now bleeding.  Which meant a call and a trip to the vet.

Yesterday we went to the vet.  And luckily they were able to squeeze Lola in to their schedule and they removed the bump, (and cleaned her teeth and did her twice a year comprehensive exam).  The good news is her teeth are good and nothing came up on her comprehensive exam.  Because of the location of the bump Lola now has to wear a cone for 10 days, so she does not scratch at the stitches.  

My poor Lola is so miserable with the cone, so I take it off when I can watch her.  This is her last night.  She was still tired and drugged up. Lola is doing well this morning.  She is a little tired but feeling better, as long as she does not have her cone on.

I talked to the doc and they said they don't know what the bump was, because it was scabbing and crusty.  It has been sent away to pathology to be tested. If everybody could keep their paws, fingers, etc., crossed  and send out positive vibes that the tests come back and the bump is nothing, we would all be grateful.