Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dog Beds

Like so many other pet parents I have bought dog beds for Lola.  She needs a place to sleep at night that is not the bed or the floor.  (I will get to floor issue later.)  She just needs a nice comfortable bed.

When she was a puppy I started out with just blankets.  Blankets are much easier to clean if there are accidents or throwing up, etc. She was perfectly content with her blankets.  At a certain point, I decided it was time to try a dog bed.  It was an effort to keep off the couch and a bed typically looks a lot nicer than a pile of old blankets.  Off to Costco to get her a large dog bed for a relatively cheap price.

This was a nice large bed and she did like.  But sure enough I came home one day and it was shredded.  So back to the blankets and couch.
Back on the couch with a pillow
Once Lola was about 2, I decided to try the dog beds again.  I had read a lot of things about Molly Mutt dog beds and loved the idea (and still love the idea).  I could stuff the bed with her own blankets and then put a cover on it.  And all of it could be washed very easily.  So I bought one using some swagbucks to save some money.  Once I got it I stuffed and laid it down for Lola.  She seemed indifferent about it.  She would lay on it for a minute or two and then move somewhere else.  She is like a cat (or at least like my cat as a kid) and likes to move blankets around and fluff them and get them just right and she was not quite able to do that with the bed.
On her Molly Mutt Bed

And sure enough I came home and there was a tear in the cover and the liner.  I think she was trying to fluff.  But it was not fully destroyed or shredded.  So I figured maybe she needed a bed that was softer so she could fluff it.  I was at Costco shopping (not looking for a dog bed) and saw they had the big ones for $15.  I figured why not.  (Why I don't learn the first time, I have no idea.)  Because sure enough I came home one day and there was stuffing an ceder everywhere.   I think the ceder drove her crazy (among other things).  From the moment I got it home she was sniffing at and pawing at it. 

I guess it must have been the 4th or 5th  time but I have finally learned.  Lola does not like dog beds or she likes them too much and wants to play a little too rough with them. However you want to look at it. I have finally come to the realization, if she wants to sleep on the floor or rug fine.  She plays with her toys on the floor and eats off the floor, and I have not issue with that,  why is that any different that sleeping on the floor.  I had this strange, irrational hangup about her needing a bed.  If she does not care why should I.   I have pulled out the pile of old blankets again so she can make a nest out of them if she would like.  And she does.  I just put them in the corner when she is done and it is fine.

Lola, happy laying on the floor

I have come to the conclusion, that the bed issue was to make me happy not her.   So, no more dog beds for Lola.  And now we are both happy.


  1. Mine are dog bed destroyers too, we stick to blankets most of the time. Mine are 3 and will still eat zippers and de stuff dog beds so I went out and bought rugs for my wood floors and they seem just fine :)

  2. I think dog beds are an owner thing. Our dogs are actually quite happy laying on anything. But one thing our Miss M absolutely loves, that I never expected, was my yoga mat. And it has enough padding to make me feel better, it's easy to wipe down, and I think it would be hard to destroy.

  3. Oh Lola you should have told mom her bed will do just fine..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Well, she's definitely too pretty to stay mad at for long!

  5. We have one big dog bed that everyone shares, but in the two crates that are set up we have blankets and they actually love their blankets, they can dig and I don't have to worry about them ripping them up.

  6. Hi Lola, I have dog beds that I will lay in, but I definitely prefer the couch and my mom's bed. I also like to dig through blankets and my mom leaves them on the couch and bed for me to do this...it's just so much fun and I love to see my mom's face when she comes home and she sees how I have rearranged them!-Kirby

  7. Isn't funny how we go to such lengths for our dogs, to only find out they really don't give a darn:)

  8. The princess and the pea in reverse :)

    Thinkin Lola is so lovely she doesn't need a fluffy bed for beauty rest :)

    Licks to Lola my princess,