Friday, November 5, 2010

Neighborhood Friends

One thing I love about having a dog is the fact that I pretty  much have to get up and take Lola for a walk.  And one think I have loved about our walks is meeting people in our neighborhood.  I don't know about you, but it can be hard to meet all the neighbors.  It seems like you usually meet a few people right next door or across the street, but it is hard to meet people a couple blocks over.  And to top it off, I get home from work and just want to relax, not go knocking on doors to meet people.  And they may think that is a little strange.

I have found with Lola, it has been very easy to meet new people in the neighborhood.  I mean really how could this face not make you smile.

Lola has a few buddies in the neighborhood, an English bulldog, Lulu, (who ignores her for the most part, but Lola loves her), a Saint Bernard, Jake, (they love chasing each other) and a couple boxers, Flin and Nina.  The best is when they all get together.  They all have a great time.  Lola can spot them a mile away and gets so excited when she knows her buddies are out. 

I think I see my friends!  Time to play!

Lola also loves seeing her human buddies.  She knows exactly where all of them live.  (There is even one couple that is nice enough to buy dog biscuits for the whole neighborhood, even though they don't have any dogs.)  She will stop in front of each of their house to see if they are home and want to come say hi.

Are you there?!  I want to say HI!!


  1. We sure have met a lot more neighbors with our three!


  2. I think having dogs helps overcome boundaries. Our neighborhood is very diverse with 3 very different cultures that typically don't interact. Because of the pooches, we've been able to meet all these people in our neighborhood.

  3. Thanks for our award the other day :) We will be sure to post it soon. Second of all, mom says that's the best and worst part of having a dog, the walking:) It's great exercise and discipline but the weather here in Kentucky has turned wayyyyy cold (possibility of snow) so walking isn't always that much fun.

    Lots of humans stop Lincoln and I on our walks too :) We make many many new friends everday!


    Minnie Moo

  4. Wow! You must live around some really cool people. Mom and I are still trying to make friends in our neighborhood... most of our neighbors are scared of me, no matter how many times I try to love up on them. Oh well... someday! Until then, it's their loss :o)

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  6. We would love to have Lola come up to our door step and say hi!!
    I bet she makes a lot of people smile:)

  7. Mom's laughin. She says when we started takin walks in the neighborhood, the neighbors asked if we'd just moved here! BOL! She says she never would have known how many great neighbors we have it it weren't for me :)

    I would just go nuts if Lola's lovely self came knockin at my door. I'd give her my whole bag of biscuits!

    Waggin at ya with a red face,