Thursday, November 11, 2010

Commands Lola Knows

When Lola was a puppy I put her in obedience training.  And we still continue to use some of that training. 

I think this is one of the first commands that is learned by most dogs.  And Lola has this one down.  She knows she has to sit before she gets her food or a treat.  I make her sit before we cross streets when we are walking.  And  I make her sit before somebody can come up and pet her on a walk.

These two go hand and hand.  Down is lay down. She only knows this from a sitting position, but hey, she still knows it.  I use this one when I am giving her treats are trying to get her to relax.  And the settle, is adjusting so her legs are in a more comfortable position.  I also use this one when I am giving her treats.

This is one I use before she can eat.  She has to wait and when I say ok, then she can eat.  I also use wait on walks a lot.  If I am cleaning up after her, or there is a dog in front of us, I will tell her to wait.  She knows she can still sniff and look around but she cannot continue walking.

This one is pretty obvious.  She must stay until she is released.  I will use this with treats or walking if there is another dog coming towards us.

Leave it is a big one and she is really good at it.  I use it when I drop something that I don't want her to eat, like a pill, and on walks.

In I taught her myself.  When we go for I ride, she does not get in the car until I tell her.  And that is when I say "IN" and motion in with my arm, and in she goes.

What other commands does your dog know?


  1. Lola,

    I'm jealous of you. My mom uses all of these and words and I listen to none of them. Please come over and train me?! Thanks.

    The only thing I know is "go out" and "sit." Of course I pretend to know other commands but I kind of do whatever I want, when I want to. Lincoln only knows sit and that took like forever for him to learn. We are both getting obedience training really soon. Then we will be cool like you.

    Good job :)


    Minnie Moo

  2. One we learned fairly early on is "on your mat." It works pretty well for when someone comes to the door or when Shiva is pestering us while we make dinner. At this point, we can or at least we should be able to, send her to her mat from any place in the house. Of course, it depends on the day, right?

    Good on you and Lola for having so many reliable commands! That's a lot of work.

  3. Good Job on teaching Lola such great reliability on her cues.

    Kallie knows sit;stay;down;leave-it;wait;come;out and then she knows some funny tricks.
    Keep up the great work.

    woofs and wags;

    Diana N Kallie

  4. It's great that Lola listens to you. I wish I could say the same for Levi! He'll do anything for food, but he's definitely not as reliable especially if we are out walking. He knows sit, down, head (put head on ground after down), stand, spin, shake right and left paws, touch, leave it, go to bed, come, wait, stay, look at me, and we're working on "around" for him to walk around our bodies. He loves training because he's a giant pig and picks up stuff pretty quickly.

  5. Lola looks like she is very good with her commands.
    Sit, stay, leave it and wait are the commands I use most often. For some reason both of the boys choose not to obey lay down very often.

  6. Such a smart girl :)

    A fun one I taught Ellie is "twirl" where she turns in a little circle, it's cute!

  7. Hello!! I have an award for you!! Stop by :)

    Licks from me Olive!

  8. Mine know "off" as is get off the sofa ;)


  9. Good job...we do all those things when we want to.
    Benny & Lily

  10. Awesome job teaching Lola those commands. Kirby does sit, down, and wait really good too. I don't use stay with him, only wait. His release word is OK. The funny thing though, and I'm not sure why he does this, is I will make him wait with a treat on the floor, I will say ok, and he won't go for the treat unless I move it towards him! It's pretty funny, but actually awesome because he won't go after anything that falls on the floor. His fun tricks are roll over, paw, and crawl! I'm working on some more to add to his list as I think it really helps build his confidence up and strengthens our bond! Good job!!

    Kirby's mom

  11. Very impressive. We don't know that many, but we definitely know how to sit when it's treat time. That's most important!