Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys

Since Lola is currently my only child, I feel it is necessary to shower her with love, and affection and toys.  You have to make sure you child is happy, right?  So, of course, toys help with this, right.

Trying to get to the tennis balls.

Once Lola hit her destruction phase I thought toys would be a good distraction from the couch and other items.   So I started buying her all types of toys. She has everything from ropes to Kongs to balls to Nylabones.

Small selection of toys.

I think you have all figured out by now that Lola has jaws of steel. She can destroy almost anything.  And toys are right up there on that list.  I have come to point where I can tell by just placing a toy in my hand whether or not it will survive.  And let me tell you there are not many that survive.

There is a small piece of good news to this story.  Even though she destroys the toys, she does not usually eat them.  She usually tears them up in pieces and spits them out.  And then I go around picking up the pieces and trying to find the toy to throw away.   But, if have she is happy and had a good time with her toy. And really what more can you ask for.


  1. Hi! Lola sure looks cute having fun wit her toys!
    I have the same problem and tears everything to pieces whenever. Even the Galileo bone I got threw! But unfortunately mom has to watch me cuz sometimes I eats da bits, and sometimes I don't. It all depends on the flavor really :)

  2. Lola,

    I don't chew up toys that way but my brother Lincoln does. He destroys most things quickly. It is because he has straight teeth. If you had crooked teeth like me you wouldn't be able to destroy as much!

    And your mommy is right about spoiling you! I think she's a great mommy. A trainer lady just told my mommy that she spoiled us too much...Psh, how can anyone be spoiled too?


    Minnie Moo

  3. Oh Lola! I also chew apart everything, but I spit out the pieces too! Not as much fun once they're not attached to the main part of the toy! Mom spoils me a lot too bc I'm her only child... who can blame them!?

  4. Good job Lola don't eat those toys. We rarely break our toys. But if LILY does, they go to the ER where mom applies a few stitches
    Isn't it great to be spoiled
    Benny & Lily

  5. Lola looks like you are doing a good job being the only furbaby and cashing in on the loot!
    Haylie has jaws of life too - we feel the pain when it comes to the life of toys

  6. You have a lot of toys Lola!!!
    There's nothing wrong with being spoiled!!!

  7. Lola,

    More is better when it comes to toys! :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Ellie is exactly the same way! Please let us know if you ever find an indestructible toy! Lol. At least she's enjoying the toys :)

  9. Hey Lola, I'm my mom's only kid too and she loves to buy me toys too! She has to be careful with the stuffed ones, because I pull their fur off! I like the hard plastic puppy teething toys, even though I'm not a pup! Have fun with your stash Lola!


  10. Sometimes I buy "indestructible" toys just to see how long it takes mine to destroy it!