Friday, October 29, 2010

What Scares Lola

With Halloween this weekend, I thought it was a good time to talk about things that scar Lola. You would think with her tough appearance (some may disagree) and the fact that she is a bully breed she would have no fear.  With somethings that is true, but with others not so much.  Lola has some strange fears and dislikes.

One thing Lola has always been afraid of is water.  But not the type of water you are thinking.  I have taken her swimming before and she was not a fan, but she was not afraid of the water.  She is afraid of sprinklers.  Yes sprinklers.  I have no idea why.  But ever since she was a puppy, when we would walk and there was a sprinkler on, she would do whatever possible to avoid walking through the water from the sprinkler.  She will walk in the street, try to completely stop, whatever.  I have finally managed to get her to a point, where we can run past it.  Otherwise, we have to walk completely around it.

Another thing she is afraid of is umbrellas.  One day it was raining, and she needed to go out, so I figured why not open the umbrella when I went out with her. Big mistake.  I opened the umbrella and she freaked out and ran inside.  It took quite a bit of convincing to get her to go out after that.  And now, whenever I get the umbrella out she freaks out.  I was just trying to be nice and keep her covered from the rain, but it was not appreciated.

She is also scared of the baby gate.  A lot of dog owners I know get baby gates to prevent their dog from getting into trouble.  I put the baby gate at the stairs to the basement (there is no door).  There is just too much for her to get into down there.  Whenever I get it out to put in front of the stairs she gets very timid and backs away.  I know where this fear came from.  When she was a puppy, the gate fell on her.  She jumped on it and it fell.  Ever since then she has been terrified of it.

She is also terrified of skate boards.  I think it has to be the noise that scares her.  She goes into this state of confusion, where she is not sure if she should chase it or hide. 

What are somethings that scare your dogs?


  1. I'm scared of the vacuum. I see it coming and I run for the hills!

  2. Mesa is scared of a lot of things too yet people seem to think she is fearless!


  3. That is some funny skeres :) I don't like the vacuum, hairdryer or anything that makes that noise! I don't like the water either- but it's the big moving ground water that scares me!!

  4. Miss M is also scared of skateboards.E skateboards and she just hates it. She makes the weirdest moaning, Chewbacca-like noise when she sees a skateboard. Maybe it's an American Bulldog thing?

  5. I'm also afraid of sprinklers and skateboards... I have absolutely NO fear of baby gates however... Mom gets annoyed everytime were at Grandma Lynda and Grandpaw Dave's... I knock it over and help myself to the downstairs!

  6. Well I'm not afraid of the vacuum as I will bark at it to let it know it can't suck me up! I am afraid of new noises...our furnace is now on and I am trying to get used to the all the different sounds, kind of spooky, especially with Halloween right around the corner!


  7. Lily hates motorcyles. I'm cool. I'm kick back.
    Benny & Lily

  8. Our Bird LOVES sprinklers, swimming, and anything involving water. She tries to swim in her water bowl. She is however scared of nail trimmers, and any sort of halloween decorations.

  9. My dog Shiva has a very similar fear of water. She despises walking in the rain, just shakes the whole time. I've thought of buying her a rain coat to see if that will make a difference.

    She is not a swimmer either. She will go in up to her stomach but any more than that and she'll be diving for shore.

    We're slowly, slowly getting her acclimated. When we first brought her home, we couldn't even open a bottle of water around her she was so freaked.

    It's tough, though, isn't it? Our world can be very scary for a dog.