Friday, October 8, 2010

Lola's Kong Mishap

As you have seen before Lola loves her Kong wobbler and is pretty good at getting the food out.  Well, she has has little mishap the other day. Lola came over to me with a look of desperation.

It first got stuck under the coffee table.

It is right there! Get it out.  There is still food in it!!

I got it out from under the table and Lola went right back to getting the food out.  I loosened the top and she can usually get it off and get the last 2 or 3 pieces out.

Then I got the same look of help me again.

I can't get it

 Then the bottom part of the wobbler got lodged under another piece of furniture.

I got it out for her and she made sure to get those last pieces of food.

Needless to say, it was a rough night with the wobbler.


  1. Lola, don't you love this game? Lily does this to mom like 7356378 times. She has mom trained to keep getting the ball
    Benny & Lily

  2. Aww lol! How do they always manage to get all the good toys stuck under the furniture??

    Ellie always paws her ball under the couch, then whines at me until I get it out.

  3. Kirby will sometimes get his "treat ball" stuck under the end table when I'm at work. When I come home he goes to the table and looks at it and then will paw at it. Other times what happens is if he's working the treat ball in the kitchen a treat may roll under the door to the closet or the laundry room and he can't get to it. He will then go to those doors when I get home and paw at them! What a riot! I may have to look a little wobbler for Kirby.

    Kirby's mom

  4. The pictures of Lola are priceless. Thanks for posting them. Glad she's enjoying the Wobbler. Note to Kirby's Mom. The Wobbler currently is available in one size, suitable for pups 25lbs or more. BUT we will be introducing our new "small" Wobbler in early 2011.

  5. Poor Lola!!! at least she didn't try to knock the table over like someone else I know that lives in my house:)

  6. LOL :) We all have those days :)

    Good thing your Mom was around to help you Lola girl :)

  7. Mine just lay next to the furniture and put their paws under it then look at me for help!


  8. We're always losing Kongs under furniture. It IS very frustrating. Happy Saturday to you!!