Monday, September 13, 2010

Time To Eat

Lola is a food motivated dog.  She will do just about anything for food, assuming it is something she likes. When it comes time to eat breakfast or dinner, she is ready.  The routine is pretty much the same everyday.  She gets fed after she goes out in the morning and that can be anywhere between 5:30 or 7.  Then an hour or two later (depending on the morning and when she first gets up), she gets food in one of her food dispenser toys,  usually the Tug a Jug, when I leave for work, or after a morning walk, depending on the day.

In the evening, she gets fed after we go for a walk.  And with dinner she gets some wild Alaskan fish oil added to her food.  And she loves that.  And then after that she gets some more food in a food dispenser toy, usually the Kong Wobbler.  (Don't worry it is all balanced out so she is not getting fed too much.  We can't have an overweight Lola.)

She loves the food dispenser toys.  I think she would be fine if I fed her with just those all the time.  And I am amazed at her technique and how quickly she can get the food out.  The next two days will be videos.  One of the Kong and one of the Bottle.  So come back over the next few days!


  1. Riley also lives for food! She likes the twist-n-treat toy. (And any other toy that food comes out of!!)

    Elyse and Riley

  2. As a professional pet sitter and pet owner, it is refreshing to read that your dog has a routine and it is also wonderful to read that she is getting a balanced meal and lots of good-for-you treats!
    Your dog is adorable and I'd be happy to pet sit for you any day!

  3. That is a great way to keep her mind working:)
    I have tried using food dispensing toys here with the boys, but it didn't work out to well:(

  4. Fish Oil is Awesome for the dogs, it does amazing things for their coats. We love the Black Kongs which are stronger, we freeze peanut butter and bones in them.

  5. hehe I make SUCH a mess with my KONG. Mom has started putting it in the freezer so it's harder for me to get the goodies out. Sometimes I get really frustrated and I throw it up against the wall... then I get yelled at and mom takes it away from me...

  6. Yep I likes both of does too...thou mom didn't even tell me about the KONG Wobbler thingy!!!!!! I will has to get on her bout dat!! Butt we gets our tug jug in da morning when she leaves.

  7. I was curious about that one. I know Miss M would totally love it, but Mr. B is not as clever and I wonder if he would ever get food from it.