Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bath Time

Lola has been shedding up a storm lately.  I think she must be losing her summer coat.  (That may not be true but that is what I like to think.)  So I decided it was time for a bath.  Lucky for me, Lola does not mind baths at home.  (I do take her to the groomer periodically, but that can be expensive, so I give a bath at home sometimes too.)  First thing I say, is "In".  And she jumps in the tub.

Then it is time to get wet and washed.

I feel so naked without my collar.  Can we get this over with. 

She is very good when it comes to washing her.  She just stands there and lets me lather her up and get her nice and clean.  After the bath it is time to dry off.

Do you really need to take picture Ma?
And since it was a nice hot summer fall day, I thought it would be easier to just go for a walk and get dry by the sun.

I have to say going for a walk, and getting dry by the sun was much easier than pulling out the blow dryer. Now, Lola is nice and clean and white again.  And hopefully it will help a little with the shedding.


  1. What a good girl Lola is about taking baths! I love that she jumps into the tub on command and seems to enjoy the entire bathing experience! Our coonhound has to be picked up and lowered into the tub but she is great while the lathering and towel drying is taking place!
    Good idea to let Lola dry off in the sun while on a walk!

  2. What?! You LIKE the bath? Omg, mom has to fight with me to get me in there... I usually end up going, but I'm never happy about it! You have very lucky parents! hehe

  3. i have one who loves bath time and other cant stand it! I do all baths at home - a groomer charges a ton for a 100pd dog! wonder why?!
    you are a good pup Lola for bath time!

  4. OMG, I just wrote about my own bath experience :) hehe


    Minnie Moo

  5. Ahhh Lola you look so purrty with your towel.. Heeeee. Mom being saying we must be losing our summer coat for 2 years now. Have a fun walk
    Benny & Lily

  6. Lola makes it look so easy. We just started going to PetSmart because I couldn't handle the whole ordeal with Miss M. I used to have to put on my bathing suit and jump in with her, she would keep jumping out, then when we were done she would run around like crazy wet dog and leave a ton of fur in the tub. Now we just leave her at PetSmart and they can deal with crazy dog.

  7. Lola's such a good girl. Riley will get in the bathtub when I say "get in the tub" and is pretty good about staying in the tub. I wouldn't say she enjoys it but she doesn't hate it either. Glad to see Lola got to go on a walk to get dry!!

    Elyse and Riley

  8. Tanks alot Lola...mom saw how good youz is when youz is getting your bath and den she looks at me and says, "Why can't you be more like Lola?" Geez...;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Gotta love when they just wait there patiently while you clean them off in the bath :) Until they decide that they need to shake off the wetness and you get suds everywhere!

  10. She looks so nice and clean!
    What a good girl standing so still for her bath:)