Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jingle Jangle

As most of you know, Lola got a pretty new collar about a week ago.  So, I figured it was time to tell everybody about the pretty charms she has on it, aka. dog tags. 

Lola has 4 different tags.  She has 2 different ID type tags.  One is a tag is an ID tag with her name and then my information and one is issued by her vet with the information about her microchip.

Her other tags are issued by the city and the vet.  She has her city dog license tag and her rabies tag. In my city they require you to have your dogs licensed.    And her rabies tag is pretty self explanatory.  And I am sure many dogs out there have that tag. 

Most dogs I know, always keep their collars on, and Lola is the same.  Lola is not a runner and is so use to her comforts at home that I doubt she would ever disappear.  But you never know, there is always that small chance something could happen or she could be spooked by something, so I feel much better knowing that she always has her collar on.  And with her tags, hypothetically speaking, it would be pretty easy to contact me if she were found.


  1. Our dogs also need to wear a ton of tags. When we have our windows open, I can actually hear them on the way back from their walk (when E's walking them).

  2. Mine have several tags too and I get annoyed sometimes with the jingle jangle but lately its been the nails on the hardwood floors driving me nuts!

  3. You look so pretty with your beautiful new collar! Those jingles are just to alert the peoples that your beauty is on the way!

  4. We also Wear 3 to 4 jingles each! Our Mom wouldn't have to any other way, to many lost dogs that are not chipped and have no jingles.

  5. Let's see, the girls each have three, except Morgan, who has two. There's our ID tag, the adoption group's tag, and our rabies tag. I rather like the jingle -- I can tell which one of them is up at night based on which jingle I hear since they all sound different. Our girls also have microchips, in the event that they'd ever leave home without their wallets! :P

  6. thanks for following my blog - I think you were my one-hundredth follower! It's so great to meet other people and I look forward to learning more about Lola.

    Marge wears 4 tags on her collar, too. ID tag, rabies tag, city license and microchip tag. I always keep the collar on, too - I just feel more secure knowing that she's got it on.