Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sporn Harness

Thanks to Roo and Corbin, we decided to try the Sporn Harness.  They both look like they have a similar built as Lola so I decided to look in to it.  I did some research online and thought we would try it.

Previously we were using this harness that hooks under her front legs and around chess.  And the leash connector is on her chess.  It worked well, but it does not seem to fit as well lately and it seems like I was tightening it a lot more lately.  Almost like it was wearing some.

Old Harness

I got the Sporn home and we tried it.  I think I had it way too tight on her the first time. She was walking really slow with her head down, and I finally realized when we got home what the problem was.  Corbin warned me that his mom did not have it adjusted right the first time and he walked funny.  (Us humans just have some issues sometimes, Corbin. )

So I adjusted it so it was fairly lose at least compared to the old type of harness. And it seems to be working great now.  When I walk Lola around the neighborhood or to the park I usually let her wander ahead or behind a little.  And I have to say with the Sporn she does not pull at all, she will slow down for me and a lot of times she will just walk right by me. 

Overall, it is working great, and I would recommended it if you are looking for a new harness or if your dog is pulling when you walk.


  1. Lola, you look absolutely lovely in your new harness :)

    Glad it's workin for ya,

  2. Lola,

    I gots da Sporn harness too and it is workin' fur me as well!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Oh, Lola! You look fabulous in your new harness! Glad I warned ya! I find it very comfortable and I'm able to play in it as well!

  4. Lola, You look awesome in your new harness! I hope this works out for you. Have A Great Day!
    Your Friends

  5. Does that have padding under the armpits? Mr. B used to have a problem where he chaffed under the arms. It's good to hear it works for you.

  6. This miracle harness sounds like something my Lily needs. Cool you are a good model
    Benny (& Lily)