Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lola and Bear (Mr. B) - Part 1

I introduced Mr. B to all of you a few weeks ago.  And first things first, Mr. B has been given a new name, Bear.  I am not sure where Bear came from, but he is responding to his name and seems to be fine with it.

If you remember, Lola and Bear were not fast friends.  When we first met Bear he was nervous and unsure of Lola and went at her a couple of times.  And then it starts to snowball.  It is strange though, because this has never happened with Lola before.  She has always been good with other dogs.

I think it comes down to Bear never really being socialized with other dogs.  (Obviously not his fault.)  99% of the time he is good with Otis,  but I think part of that is Otis. Otis is such a low key dog, and for the most part could care less out about other dogs.  But when Lola gets mixed in, aka high energy, we think Bear is overwhelmed and does not understand that Lola and Otis are playing and not being aggressive.  And when Bear sees it as aggression it leads to Bear snapping and going at Lola and then it snowballs.

So over the past month, Lola and I have made a couple of visits to the crew.  And it has been interesting. 
Come back tomorrow for the story of the second time they met.  (It would be a really long post if it were all in one.)

And now the picture.  If you notice, Bear has now taken over the couch and will not give it up, and Otis is stuck on the floor.


  1. Mr. B.Bear you better share the couch. Sandy Paws is watching us cause he is coming to town in 20 days
    Benny & Lily

  2. Ok I remember Mr B coming into the family but honestly I couldnt remember where Otis came in and so now i do :)

    Not all dogs even care to be around other dogs. Haylie was socialized like crazy but doesnt care to be around 90% of most dogs. I like the name Bear :) He looks quite comfy on that sofa!

  3. All Bear doesn't understand Lola's excitement. :( Sometimes Lincoln gets upset when Minnie is being "chased" (her favorite game) and starts barking and nipping.

    Poor Bear. And Lola.

  4. Riley was socialized also, but doesn't like a lot of dogs. I SO wish she was good with other dogs, but I'm coming to realize that she's only going to like a very few of the dogs she meets. At least she gets along with my parents' dog, Chloe. I hope Bear chills out with time!

    Elyse and Riley

  5. At least Otis is setting a good example for Mr. B. Hopefully he will continue to get better and better :)

  6. Someone better learn to share the sofa!