Monday, December 6, 2010

Lola and The Doggie Door

My dad decided to try a doggie door for Otis and Bear this winter.  It is much easier than opening the door every 5 minutes letting them in and out and in and out.  I think many of you know what I am talking about.  None of the dogs, including Lola, have ever used a doggie door.  So it required some teaching.

I stood outside and my dad was inside.  We showed helped each dog through the door and they all got it.  Well kind of.  Bear figured out how to go in and out.  But he had some issues getting back inside through the doggie door.  It was hard for him to push himself up on the ledge and then through the door.  But he could do it if he needed to.  Otis had a few more issues.  If we pushed the door open for him, he would go in and out.  But he would not use the door if he had to push it open.

And then there is Lola.  She had it down after a couple of times.  She loved it so much that she would stand with half of her body inside and half out.

She was content.  She could be in both places at once, no matter where the action was.  


  1. BOL... the kitties have a door in the basement door so they can escape to the basement where their foodables and pooper box is. I use to be able to stick my head in the door and look at them, but now I can only get my nose in.

    woof - Tucker

  2. That is hilarious! I love the picture. I'm hoping to get a dog door when I move, and it'll be interesting to see what my dogs do. I can totally see Ziggy doing the same thing as Lola. :-)

  3. Haha, Lola's got the essence of doggy door etiquette! Or she's just smart enough to keep a good look out outside and keep her butt warm inside. I'm loving the picture!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. What a priceless picture! Lola is a smart girl!

  5. Fred loves to just stick his head out of it. Its like he is lazy and seeing if its really worth going all the way out there for :)
    Sweet Lola looks like she loves her door!

  6. LOL! She is so silly!
    looks like she really likes her new doggie door:)

  7. haha thanks for the laugh. I can see Mesa going that :)


  8. Lol Lola, that's cute :) I would love the freedom of a doggy door! But for now, we live in an apartment, so I have to go down three flights of stairs every time Ellie has to potty.

  9. Oh Lola,great idea!
    Benny & Lily

  10. BOL! Leave it to the lovely Lola to make the most of the doggy door :)

    Waggin at ya,

  11. Too funny! Lola is hilarious!

    And thanks so much for following my blog! :)

  12. Morgan would like that. She could just stick her head out and wait for squirrels.

    With all my dogs, I don't think the door would last very long.

  13. Smart girl! I love that photo.

    It's interesting how different dogs can relate to something in a completely unique way. Even though they all are introduced to the door in the same fashion, they still have very different reactions to it. It's cool.

  14. So smart to learn the door so fast! But don't get stuck in the middle :) I don't know how I would feel about having a door like that.

  15. I sure like your new dog door!! That is cool that you can be 2 places at the same time!!


  16. Lola is a very talented girl! Cute pic.

    Kirby's Mom

  17. My mom person would love to have a doggie door, but we have indoor cats, so she has to open the door 2,964 times a day!

    I love the half in & half out!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. That's awesome!
    Love the picture, hope you all have a furry Merry Christmas!