Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How is she?

The other day Lola and I were on our evening walk and our neighbor was out with his puppy Bailey.  Lola was beyond excited.  She loves the Bailey's dad, (he pets and plays with her so she can't resist him) and she is starting to like  Bailey more as she continues to grow.  (Bailey is only 4 or 5 months old and is about the size of a cat).  Another neighbor was sitting on some cement steps playing with Bailey when Lola came running up.  This neighbor got this look of horror and just stared at us.  I did not really think much of it because Lola was playing with Bailey and her dad.

All of a sudden the other neighbor (not Bailey's dad) asked with a bit of an attitude, "What kind of dog is she?  Is she a pitt bull?"  I replied back "No, she is an American Bulldog".  The woman seemed a little relieved but then asked with more of an attitude "How is she?"  I think she was asking about her temperament, but I am not really sure. I was about ready to respond, when Bailey's dad stepped in and said "Lola is great!"  and then continued on about how much he loves her and how great she is with Bailey.

It just bothers me the way people judge a dog by their looks.  Bad tempered dogs can be any size and look anyway, not just like pit bulls, american bull dogs, rottweilers, etc.  And good dogs can be any size and look any way, they are not just goldens, labs, pugs, etc.  I wish people would just step back and meet the dog before they judge them.

For every negative comment I get about Lola I seem to get twice as many about how great she is.  Last weekend we were on a morning walk.  And we were walking to a corner and somebody else with their dog was walking towards the same corner.  So I stepped aside and made Lola sit so the people could keep walking. (I usually feel more comfortable stopping and making Lola sit.  It helps calm her down when she sees other dogs.)  Lola started wagging her tail, and the woman asked if she was friendly and if she could say hi.  I said sure and she and her dog came up and said hi.  Immediately Lola laid down and was loving the woman who was petting her. She asked what kind of dog Lola was.  I told her and she started telling me about her friend who has an American bulldog and how he is one of the nicest dogs she has ever met.  This woman was one of those people that was just interested in Lola because she was a sweet and happy dog.  Those are the people that are great.

I wish there could be more people out their that see the dogs for their souls and hearts and not for their looks.  


  1. I totally understand. I'm feisty but because I'm little people let their kids run up to me and try to pet me. It scares me and I usually bark. You should never judge a dog by it's size, you never know what kind of temperament the dog has. My mom hates it when people just assume because I'm tiny they can pick me up. I'm glad you are such a good dog Lola! You totally break any silly stereotypes.


    Minnie Moo

  2. Ugh isn't that SO frustrating how idiotic people judge a dog by its appearance?! It makes me nuts when I see some well-mannered bully-breed walk by and then a crazy, snarling, barking little fluff-puff dog who gets away with being an a$$h*le just because it's tiny and fluffy.
    My sister's dog is part Pit and it doesn't help that she has a low rumbly growl of excitement when she sees other dogs :\

  3. I know what you mean! I left the house today with my big bully boy and my itty bitty foster chihuahua. She can be rather growly at people on the street sometimes and as we stepped outside the gate, two guys were approaching to give me a flyer on a local fundraiser. She of course moved towards them being a little snippy but came to heel when I chastised her. The guy handed me a flyer from a distance saying "I'll keep back because that one nearly bit me" - I said something to the effect of she's a feisty one but won't hurt you and the guy said "no, the big one"!
    Poor Billy hadn't even moved towards the guy - and with the cone on his head at the moment (allergies) he was just standing there looking a bit pitiful. But of course, the big scary bully breed was the one who was going to "bite" the guy!! Grrrrrrrr

  4. If people would take a minute to learn a fact or two rather than just jump on the hate bandwagon, the world would be a better place. I wish I could say the things that go through my head during these types of encounters. Instead I do my best to put on a big, tolerant smile and educate. I did actually slip once and say what I was thinking...it felt fantastic! But generally I try to stick to the high road. Otherwise I'm just down in the muck with people like the neighbor who's not Bailey's dad.

  5. ugh, that's the worst. we deal with it with desmond, too. i once had a guy tell me, as we were calmly walking past his house, that my dog is "scary looking" and he would cross the street if he saw us coming. i almost fell on the floor.